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"Our Amazon Picks"

We are excited to announce the availability of a new section featuring the best inspirational books by ophthalmologists but also by medical missionaries and others who are sharing Christ's love and helping the body of Christ grow and encourage one another. Drew's pick of the month for March 2011 is "Like a Mighty Wind" by Mel Tari. This is an exciting real-life story from an Indonesian missionary called by God to carry the gospel message to the U.S. The miracles Mel saw first-hand are nothing short of mind-blowing. It's a quick read. It's a great "airplane" book. Pick it up. I highly recommend it.


Please visit this page now and see what books we have found to be exceptional.

If you have suggestions for other books that should be listed, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.the title and author or ISBN and it will be added to our list.

A small percentage of proceeds from an Amazon purchase will also support the Christian Eye Network.

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