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Eyes of Faith - Eyewear for Your Patients

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Eye Glasses for Your Faith-Minded Patients!

Eyes of Faith Eyewear

This is a wonderful way for your patients to wear and share their faith and to help local and international eye care missions!



who we are

Eyes of Faith Optical was founded by husband and wife team Jim and Amy Schneider. Amy has been an optician and involved in the optical industry for more than 20 years. As she and Jim both prayed for a way to make a difference in their everyday lives, the connection with optical seemed natural—the eyewear industry lacked a company that gives back and creates eyewear for people who want to be inspired and wear their faith. After all, every jewelry store, book store, and department store makes room for an "inspirational" section, eye care professionals should be able to offer meaningful eyewear to faith-appreciative shoppers, as well.

Jim and Amy founded Eyes of Faith and Wear & Share®, its give-back promise, to make a difference and to provide a way for faith and hope to be spread throughout the world via eyewear. Wear & Share accomplishes this in two ways: 1) All of our frames incorporate inspirational features (e.g., biblical scripture printed on the inside of the temple or a cross woven into the custom details), so you can wear your faith and share it with the world, and 2) a portion of every purchase is shared with global optical missions organizations to purchase eyewear (readers, suns, or prescription glasses), or support eye care during the missions (supplies or personnel).

making a difference

In addition to the big picture of supporting missions through eyewear sales, we are proud that our company seems to make a difference in the smallest, but most significant ways. A patient might share on social media that the scripture they found on the inside of their frame when shopping at an optical turned their day around, or the optician who worked with that patient might tell us that they were able to have a meaningful conversation with them as a result. We have even been incredibly blessed to hear stories from cancer survivors who “put on their armor” every day with their Eyes of Faith frames while fighting their disease. So many team members from our optical partners’ offices return from missions with changed lives, having helped hundreds of people in need during just a few days of work abroad. These and so many other examples humble us every day and inspire us to do more, create more, and sell more, so that we can continue making a difference.

what makes our company unique

When Eyes of Faith was founded in 2008, the concept of giving back with every purchase was fairly new. We think it’s incredible that the market is now brimming with all kinds of companies that give back to people in need as an integral part of their business strategy. But what separates us from the competition is the meaning behind our brand - we are proud to be featured on optical boards with other companies that give back, but our frames incorporate inspiration that a significant portion of the market is interested in supporting and wearing. We provide an additional style element that resonates with a sector of the market, and that is critical to the curation of a well-rounded product offering.

eyewear fit for every optical

When eye care professionals consider our product for their collection, they often ask themselves, is an inspirational product right for our optical? Our product is a great fit for any optical because it connects patients with a meaningful cause for every purchase, and we are the only brand of eyewear that combines inspirational elements and faith-reflective style with high-quality design. Most retail operations recognize the demand for an inspirational section; eye care professionals should also make sure to offer a collection of products that excite and meet the needs of faith-appreciative patients in a meaningful way.

who loves eyes of faith

· Believers who actively live out their faith
· Patients who want to buy from a brand that gives back
· People who need conversation starters to share what Christ has done for them

To learn more, please contact Jim Schneider, Owner of Eyes of Faith. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Who we are..?

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